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Supporting individuals and families affected by food allergies.



Simone Albert Counselling supports children, teens and families navigate through stress, fear and anxiety that may arise when managing a life with food allergies.


Talking about and working through unknown and difficult situations. 



Simone is a registered counsellor that educates, advocates and supports allergy families and the wider community as she understands both personally and professionally how living with allergies affects the entire family.

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I wanted to thank you for being so wonderful... I’ve had a few counsellors before but none that I felt really “cared”. It has really made a world of difference 🙏🏻
— Mum, 5yo + 2yo w/ Dairy, Egg, PN, Kiwi allergies + FPIES
Hi Simone, Thank you ~ wow I can’t thank you enough even after my son’s first session with you he was so lifted. He did go through anxiety this morning and last night but I heard him working through the strategies you taught him. In both instances the anxiety was controlled within ten minutes. Thank you so much 😘
— Mum, 11yo w/ PN allergy
Thank you so much Simone, I honestly don’t know or want to think about what might have been if I hadn’t found you. I am using so many new strategies in my everyday life. Thank you again for providing this amazing support and care for us allergy parents.
— Mum, 7yo w/ dairy, egg, PN, TN & sesame allergies + 5yo + 2yo w/ nut allergies

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