Jelly Slice - Free of Dairy, Egg, Wheat, Nuts

At each food-centric celebratory time of the year, we focus on not what we are missing out on but how we can ‘recreate’ a traditional food recipe into a new and fun new tradition for our family. This new creation is the brain child of our eldest son who at 14 has found the creativity in the kitchen when it comes to desserts just as much fun as the creativity on the keyboard :-) Thanks beautiful boy for this yum and fun new ‘recreation’ recipe xo

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Easter Emotions That Might Surprise You

Easter, Christmas and birthdays are such big celebrations in our life and culture. They often involve a lot of happy, fun-loving people gathering together and a lot of shared food. All in an environment that is very uncontrolled. As allergy families, these parameters are far from what makes us feel comfortable. 

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Anatomy of a Good Therapist

If you are new to therapy or considering counselling, it is important to understand the process and have a good connection with your therapist, in the same way that it is important to have a good association with your GP or specialist. Where you have a strong rapport, feel comfortable in their presence and at ease to share your thoughts, feelings and concerns.

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Travelling with Food Allergies

Just because I have food allergies doesn’t mean I can’t have fun and travel when the holidays are here! For example when we go on a holiday I am always so excited but there is always so much planning to do before we start our trip to make sure that my holiday is a safe and happy time.

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