Jelly Slice - Free of Dairy, Egg, Wheat, Nuts

How to make this delicious Jelly Slice!

At each food-centric celebratory time of the year, we focus on not what we are missing out on but how we can ‘recreate’ a traditional food recipe into a fun and new tradition for our family. This new creation is the brain child of our eldest son who at 14 has found the creativity in the kitchen when it comes to desserts just as much fun as the creativity on the keyboard :-) Thanks beautiful boy for this yum and fun new ‘recreation’ recipe xo


  • 1 packet Orgran Outback Animal Cookies (crushed)

  • 1 packet Strawberry jelly 

  • 100g dairy-free butter (melted)

  • 2 tsp. Agar Agar powder

  • 250ml water

  • 395g  dairy-free condensed milk (canned or it’s also easy to make your own)


  1. Line a tray 25cm x 16cm with baking paper.

  2. Mix crushed cookies and melted butter in a bowl. 

  3. Place in refrigerator to set while preparing next layer. 

  4. Mix 2 tsp. Agar Agar powder in water. Stir and leave for 10-15min to dissolve. Place on stove and slowly bring to boil. Boil for 5 min. 

  5. Take off heat and stir in condensed milk until mixed through. 

  6. Pour mixture over biscuit base. 

  7. Place in fridge to set for 1-2 hrs. 

  8. Make jelly as per the packet. 

  9. Allow jelly to cool fully and then pour carefully over condensed milk layer. 

  10. Place in refrigerator until fully set.

Finished Jelly Slice  - Ready to eat!

Finished Jelly Slice - Ready to eat!


Cut and enjoy :)

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